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The Reason You’re Failing at Dating & Love is Bigger Than You

Happy New Year!

It’s been almost a month since my last newsletter, and I’ve been busy behind the scenes planning the next phase of my business as a coach and guide for women.

The Real Reasons Why You’re Still Single

I created a video especially for you, outlining precisely why dating and finding the right man has been so hard. It’s sort of a dating and love “State of the Union”. I’m so tired of all the nonsense and bad dating advice. Yes, there are a lot of things you can do to improve your odds of meeting the right man, but there are many external factors that make it difficult. So if you’ve felt like dating and meeting a good man feels a lot harder than it should be, you’re right. You’re NOT crazy.

Check out the video and share it with your friends.

Warning: This video is 18 minutes. I know, that’s crazy long for a Youtube video. But I had a lot to share to get you ready for dating and love in 2015. So grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea and get comfortable.

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Keep Dating Simple for the Holidays

  I will be going on hiatus until after the New Year. That means you won’t hear from me again until then. But there’s articles aplenty here, in case you need a dating and love pick-me-up during the holidays. I also have some really cool stuff percolating behind the scenes over here at Love, Trenia LLC so get ready! Keep Dating Simple for the Holidays In my dating workshop a few nights ago, a woman asked me “if there is one piece of advice you would want us to remember when we walk out of here, what would it be?” This is what I told her, and the same applies to you: I’m not sure when dating got so complicated, but it always boils down to 3 things: See and be seen by single men who are looking for a relationship. This could mean any number of things from online dating and attending singles events, to letting a friend know…read more»