The Only Dating Advice You Will Ever Need

September 2, 2010

Being plus size and dating is a topic that comes up rather often, and it just so happens that I have a lot to say on the topic. Today’s post is the first in a series of posts I will be doing on the topic of plus size and dating and I’m hoping to generate lots of discussion.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Crystal says:

    Hey Trenia,
    Thanks for posting this, I love it!!!! I will share this on my FB page.

  2. Julie Elena Lasso-Rose says:

    People really do put pressure on women who are single past 30; and most of what they have to say is irrelevant, condescending, or obtuse. Not to be negative, but that was my experience.

    I think your main point is spot on. It doesn’t make sense to hold off on dating till one meets her weight loss goal. That makes as much sense as waiting to buy clothes until one has lost the weight. The former suggests you can’t get out and live or be fully human until you are a certain size. Imagine women 150 years ago saying I’m not going to date until I gain another 20 pounds. It’s absurd. Not to mention-beauty fades. Our relationships ultimately become about who we are, something on which our weight has little bearing.

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