Do You Make Meeting Men Harder Than it Has to Be?

October 17, 2014


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Meeting great guys is simple but not always easy.

And contrary to popular belief and much to the dismay of many dating experts, there is no magic involved in meeting the right guy. It only feels like there is because you don’t have the relationship you want just yet.

But, there is something happening in the dating world that’s making meeting single, available men a little more challenging than it used to be.

A lot of men have gotten lazy when it comes to approaching and asking women out. My sense is it has something to do with men being able to easily get all of their needs met from women, without having to do any work or make a commitment.

A single man in this day and age can have:

1. A “friend” he has sex with whenever he wants with no strings attached

2. A work wife to intellectually stimulate him


3. A handful of women he friend zones, who act as his emotional dumping ground whenever he needs a shoulder to cry on

This kind of man has little incentive to put in the work. So don’t feel bad if you’re out for drinks with your girlfriends, and a man is checking you out but doesn’t approach.

I tell you this not to discourage you, but to let you know that you’re not crazy if you’ve felt there was something off with the men you’re meeting, and to help you understand some of what’s happening on the dating scene.

That being said, there are still LOTS of men out there who are going for it when it’s worth it to them, as evidenced by the dozens of wedding announcements you see in your Facebook feed everyday.

Focus your energy on going to places where the ‘single and looking’ men go. That means singles events and online dating, which we’re going to be talking about on Wednesday, October 22nd in my webinar How to Meet Great Guys. It starts at 7PM EST.

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Don’t make dating harder than it has to be.

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