Cuffing Season 10 Commandments

November 28, 2014

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Sometimes you just need male companionship.

Sometimes your capacity to handle being single and alone has waned.

Sometimes you feel some kind of way about having such a long dry spell (we’re all grown here, so we can talk about it).

I don’t know who said that women can’t talk about what life is really like for many single women, especially during cuffing season, but I’m talking about it because it’s a real thing. Specifically when the loneliness starts to get the best of you. And I’m sorry, but sometimes spending more time with your friends, taking another yoga class or going on another solo trip is not enough to fulfill a very real need for love, closeness, intimacy and companionship.

This is for those of you who have experienced what it’s like to be both single and in a relationship during this time of year. It can be challenging when you miss someone’s touch or you just want someone inhaling next to you.

As a result, you settle for a temporary solution to a long-term problem. Meaning, if you don’t have any prospects for a relationship right now, you reach for a short-term fling, friend with benefits or “situationship”.

Now, full disclaimer, short-term relationships are not ideal when what you really want is a life partner. They are not ideal!

But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a short-term love affair, if you’re smart about it.

That being said, here are the 10 commandments of cuffing season:

1. Don’t make a hefty emotional investment.

2. Don’t expect him to turn into The One

3. Allow yourself to be where you are and enjoy it

4. Be clear and upfront about what your boundaries are

5. Choose someone who makes you feel safe

7. Practice safe sex

8. See him when your schedule allows; you don’t have to jump every time he calls.

9. When/if you choose someone with no long-term potential, cut it off after 3 months, as that’s when someone, either you or him, starts to catch feelings.

10. If you get too easily attached, pick up a few good books, some bottles of wine and ride out cuffing season alone, this is not for you!
What are your thoughts on cuffing season? Do you worry about how to get through it without making some really awful decisions? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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  1. Dani says:

    Yes! Cuffing season is so real. Being single doesn’t bother me. But I do tend to crave more physical attention during these cold months and the desire grows. I love these safe guidelines for satisfying those cravings.

    You went there. I love it.

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